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Electric Bunny by Dingo [website]

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New page!

Click here to do the read!

Yeah, I’m too lazy to post the page up here… 

Issue 5, page 12, in which Ziggy finds out stuff and is revealed stuff and learns new stuff.

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Issue 5 Page 11 alterations

For the longest time we’ve had problems with the way we colour the comic and how it interacts with the original inked artwork. Ant went back and re-laid the inks over the top which helped to improve the clarity of the lines. It’s something we tried out a few times back in the day, but I guess we cut it out after a while due to laziness.

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Lost Nation Episode 5 Page 11

A new page full of worded pictures for your consumption…

Visit the site! Read ALL the things!

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Nomad Company Part One, Page Ten

Head over to the website if you enjoy reading words on top of pictures…

Lost Nation



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Some new redux artz…

The latest LN page is mere hours/days away from publication.

In the meantime, enjoy this robo-monster battle.

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Everybody I know is having kids, so I made this helpful guide to nature names for your baby. The original is over here.

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Another month, another page, that coincides marginally with Free Comic Book day also. This month we added our twitter feed to the main page, which you can undoubtedly follow.

Enjoy your time in the grimdark corporate doom-cell!

Visit the site!


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Episode 5, page 9 preview

Sometime this week or next, our new page will be delivered to your eyes via the digital power-nodes of the Interwebs.

Until then…

Keep calm and lean all up on your jeep…

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Our website is back online!

In last weeks blog I mentioned that our website had gone down temporarily whilst Ant moved house, meaning we couldn’t renew the subscription. However, the outage is now at an end!

If you are reading this, thanks so much for looking, and please have a read over at the Lost Nation main site!

As a special prize for you guys, here’s a classic from the early days of the comic’s design.

Thanks again!



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Nomad Company p8 and update

A merry March to you all.

We updated the website with the new page a couple of weeks ago but the site went down just a day later, and with Antonio moving house we’ve not had time to renew it. With a bit of luck it should be back up to speed in a week or so.

For now, here’s the finished page.


Adam G


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How ferrets climb stairs.

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